About Us

Our Vision

To develop, challenge and support the talent in South Africa and Africa to unlock people’s potential to grow beyond the limits they set for themselves

Our Mission

To optimise individual, team and organisational performance through developing the ability and skills to make conscious behavioural choices in order to impact positively on productivity and organisational profitability.

Our Values

* Recognise and enhance diverse talent
* Be responsive and respectful
* Deliver quality
* Behave ethically and demonstrate integrity
* Build partnering relationships


Directors: Sue Anderson

Unlimited People Consulting (Pty) Ltd has been in the business of training and consulting for 20 years (previously UPC).

The main focus has always been on improving individual, team and ultimately organisational performance through behaviour change, specifically in the sales, service and leadership environment. Both directors have many years of experience in various industries and at all organisational levels in South Africa, throughout Africa as well as internationally.

Unlimited People Consulting (Pty) Ltd has been certified as an accredited service provider by the Services SETA and recognised by the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI)

Approach towards skill acquisition and development:

Research done in various industries evaluating the success of skill training interventions after the training took place and people were back on-the-job, shows an average of between 83% and 90% loss of skills trained within 1-2 months. The main cause for this is due to the lack of coaching and reinforcement in improving performance effectiveness. According to an IBM study, most training doesn’t work because it has limited impact (about 90% is wasted- only 10% works). Skill acquisition requires repetition and specificity; most business people are not as professional as high level performers in other domains, in terms of their approach and discipline towards skill acquisition

Our approach towards skill acquisition and skill mastery is aligned to international best practice and supports the approach of our international partners. Our workshops introduce practice and role plays that are easy to begin with then become more difficult as delegates/learners master techniques. They are always specific and usually focus on delegate’s/learner’s own examples or case studies.
Realising that it takes time, we support the learning process well after a workshop through enabling managers to ‘own’ the process and providing them with skills and tools to coach and reinforce. Whereas most ‘training’ companies measure their success based primarily on delegate/learner feedback, we focus on application of skills in the workplace to optimise performance through behaviour change.

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