You're Never Given A Dream Without The Power To Make It True ~ Richard Bach

Welcome To Unlimited People Consulting

Unlimited People Consulting’s focus is is directed towards any organisation that wants to optimise performance and enhance productivity through people development and behaviour change. Our philosophy towards this is based on the following tenets:

• People development and performance improvement is a process and a mindset – not an event or a manual

• All individuals want to excel, given the opportunity and the environment to do so

• Business culture and strategy are integrally linked with capacity building and behaviour change; influence and affect change at all levels

A Recognised CPD Provider

Services We Offer

Sales & Service

* Sales/Service Strategy and Performance Measurement

* Sales Management

* Account Management Strategy

* Lumina Sales Assessment


* Performance Management: Process & Tools

* Training Strategy

* Behaviour Analysis

* Registered Skill Development Facilitators

* Enterprise and Supplier Development

Some Of Our Clients

Where Are We?

Unlimited People Consulting is an accredited provider for Huthwaite International.

We work in association with other South African providers to meet the needs of our clients in areas which is not specifically our area of expertise e.g. Trade Finance, Project Management, B-BBEE consulting etc.

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